Imperial 100 Challenge
The Recruitment 24/7 “Imperial 100 Challenge” is an iconic one day ride of moderate difficulty to challenge seasoned and elite cyclists. It has significant bragging rights. At just over 100 miles (169km) this ride passes through spectacular countryside just inside the Scenic Rim and follows the Classic 100 ride to the 64km mark. Just beyond Harrisville the route diverges towards Kalbar, skirts Lake Moogerah and ascends Mt Alford before a sharp straight descent and a great run to Boonah for the 114.5km point. The route then follows the recently resealed Hoya Road and on to the much maligned “dirty dozen” row of tormenting hills before re-joining the Classic 100 ride near the original diversion.
Classic 100
A great ride through breathtaking countryside inside the Scenic Rim to the South West of Ipswich on open undulating roads. The route travels through Walloon to Rosewood and then on to skirt Mt Walker (give our photographer a wave and a smile) before arriving at Warrill View. We strongly recommend riders dismount and walk the 80m past the food & drinks stop before walking over the Cunningham Highway en-route to Harrisville and a short stint along Boonah Road (single file) to Peak Crossing followed by an exhilarating run along Middle Road. Then it’s back to suburbia , 5 traffic lights and you’re back home. It’s magical how somewhere, along this route, one invariably offloads all those bothersome befuddling ‘cobwebs’! The Classic 100 is suitable for those riding around 200km weekly and who are prepared to train.
Fun Filled 50
Following the same route as the 100km/100ml rides via Walloon to Rosewood, this ride takes participants into the countryside west of Ipswich then returns by looping back past the western perimeter of the Amberley Air Force base before re-joining the Karrabin Rosewood road at Walloon. From here riders will return to the USQ campus via the same route ridden on the on the way out. Participant must be 13 years of age or older on the 31st March 2019. All participants under the age of 18 will need to carry an appropriately signed Parent or Guardian consent form printed from this web site and those under 16 must be accompanied by an adult over 18.
City of Ipswich 25
Designed to attract family groups and those new to cycling longer distances, the City of Ipswich 25 offers an introductory aspirational challenge which we hope will prove seductive in promoting cycling as a great means of transport as well as that eclectic mix of exercise and fun. Join other novitiates on this route to Walloon and back, experiencing the rush of riding in a peloton, swapping stories and marvelling at all those newly discovered muscles. It’s a buzz. And next year aim for the Classic 50 or beyond. The City of Ipswich 25 is perfect for anyone who would like to rekindle a relationship with a bike. And for experienced riders keen to support a less experienced friend or relative, especially children older than 11 years.
Kids Caper
The Articulate Framing Kids Caper is a short course riding from the start/finish frame conducted in the University grounds and is designed for the whole family. A short bicycle education session will be run prior to the start of the Kids Caper run by the Ipswich Hospital Foundation. This will cover basic safety and maintenance skills. All participants receive a small gift pack on completion of the ride.